Compounded Hormone Replacement Therapy


U pon aging , women will start to experience symptoms of honnonal imbala nce, which can be re lated to perimenopause , menopause, postmenopause, giving birth or from a hysterectomy.

Fema les tend to experience an imbalance of estrogen, testosterone , and progesterone , which can lead to hot flashes, night sweats , anxiety, depression , brain fog, weight gain, loss of muscle, irritability and bone deficiency. Bone loss in women can exacerbate stress fractures caused by osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Changing the hormone levels through bio- idcnt ical hormone therapy can alleviate or in many cases eliminate these symp toms and life fluctuations. There are even studies now that sugges t bioidentical hormones can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

In the U.S., Bio-identical Hormone Therapy (BHT) has been used since the 1930s. And based on hundreds of current medically thorough studies, the results for patients overall quality oflife and dramatic changes in their hormonal symptoms are astounding.

Bio-identical hormones are equa l to our body ‘s natural hormones on a molecular level. The difference between synthet ic and identical hormones is that synthetic hormones do not match human hormones on a bio logica l level. For example , a very popular synthetic estrogen cream that many physicians prescribe is made from a pregnant horse’s urine. Most people can see why the body would not fully accept this substance.

Bio-identical hormones are made from plant sources and are eas ily received by the body as natural and normal. They are much more therapeu tic and effective than synthetic hormonal substances.

Bio-identical progesterone will provide the most efficient way to mesh with the body’s natural progesterone receptors. This is critical because body receptors are structure specific. A few of the benefits from bio-identical progesterone are proper embryo development and surviva l, increase in bone health, protection against breast cancer and endometrial growth, an antidepressant effect, controlling blood clotting and an increased sex drive. The side effects are fatigue and lack of energy or drowsiness.

On the contniry, Progestin (synthetic) doesn’t have quite as many benefits. In fact, it has more negative effects, like, miscarriages, weight gain , decreased sex drive , increased risk of breast cancer, high risk of fractures and osteoporosis , increased blood clotting risks, anxiety , depression , migraine headaches and other health related disorders.

Opposite of what some uninformed physicians believe, women that have had a hysterectomy see just as many benefits with proges terone therapy. It’s has been widely studied and proven tha t bio identical, hormone replacement is just as important and beneficial for their health, even though they no longer have a uterus. For women, progesterone is essential for all of life ‘s stages, and it provides be neficia l results outside of the uterus because progesterone receptors are embedded in almost every ce ll in the body. Women without a uterus st ill need progesterone therapy.

MISIRx Compounding Pharmacy

Obviously , the bio-ident ical progesterone hormone therapy is the better option due to its ability to work with the body natura lly, and due to the proven health benefits that coincide with the treatment. At MISIRx Pharmacy , they understand the importance of providing this type of hormone therapy for their patients.


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